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5 Preachers Kicked Out of Atlanta’s ‘Magic City’ Strip Club

5 Preachers from the Atlanta area say they were kicked out Saturday night of the renowned Atlanta city night spot, “Magic City,” after attempting to pass out biblical materials to customers.

Rev. Miller Kingston, who is originally from Tampa, Florida said, “When I relocated here, I couldn’t believe how many preachers frequently visit strip clubs for pleasure.”

Rev. Kingston is known throughout the Tampa, Florida area as the “stripper preacher” because he visits area strip clubs frequently passing out biblical material to whoever is receptive.

He claims he wanted to bring his same habits from Tampa to Atlanta because no one else is ministering in the area strip clubs.

However, Saturday night, his reputation as the ‘stripper preacher’ from Tampa didn’t get him far with Atlanta’s popular nightspot, ‘Magic City’.

Rev. Kingston claims he paid admission like everyone else and did nothing to draw attention to himself. In fact, he claims he “dressed down” from his usual Sunday service attire to fit-in better with the crowd.

He claims when security heard about his methods of evangelizing in their club, they immediately surrounded him aggressively and demanded he leave immediately. He informed security he did nothing illegal and paid admission to attend until closing. He says security again demanded he leave immediately and  would not allow him to go any further into the club. Rev. Kingston claims when he informed security there were 4 other ministers in the club also, he said security laughed and told him if they do not leave immediately they would be charged with trespassing.

Rev. Kingston said he left but not before leaving his 1000 Jesus flyers in the men’s room.

Rev. Kingston says he will not stop evangelizing in strip clubs and plans to attend 4 this upcoming weekend in Atlanta.




  1. While I cannot say for sure what this pastor’s intentions are, I agree with many of the posters on this site that, he would better serve the Lord “outside” of the strip club (parking lot is fine!) Ths is too much of an area where the pastor may cause others to stumble in the faith. Another example, I go into a liquor store just to get a soda (there are other options available). A person, who has been coming to my church, sees me from a short distance, and has seen me working in some capacity in the church. this person is too “young” to understand or think it could be innocent. My point is we all have to be mindful of what we do, how we do it and where we do it. It comes with the territory.

  2. I think it’s a bold powerful move that many pastor would’nt make for the fear of losing their reputation. I also understand that it is not something that everyone should nor can do. If God has anointed you for the work than go if not find away to support it but don’t kill the one (with your tongue) that has been called pray that he or she can stand and not be overtaken by the temptations of life. This is still an issue for the body of believers that we talk about one another when we should be praying for each other. Peace.

  3. I think He spoiled those other dudes fun. He should have just left . I applaud His out of the box approach. he should maybe stand outside or leave the info on cars.

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