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Backlash from Gospel Artist Erica Campbell’s Dress Grows on Social Media


Erica Campbell has come under attack by many of her loyal fans for her recent photo-shoot cover of her upcoming album. Being released in March 2014, Erica Campbell one-half of Mary Mary announced last year she was launching a solo career. A preacher on Facebook wrote

“THIS IS NOT OKAY. Yes, you are a beautiful, curvy woman…but NO MA’AM YOU ARE SINGING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Saints…smh COME ON.”

Although Twitter and Facebook has had a lot of negative to say about the cover photo, some are in agreement with it. Lisa Holloway said, “I think people especially Christians are too uptight. It’s nothing wrong with being a Christian and portraying sex appeal.”.

This discussion was a hot topic earlier this year during the BET awards when Meagan Good wore a dress many felt was inappropriate for a minister’s wife.

So, we ask you… Is there anything wrong with Erica Campbell’s album cover for her new GOSPEL solo album??




  1. She looks beautiful. Period…….the song will still be powerful!

    • She can’t help she’s is a curvy woman, she is completely covered, nothing is hanging out, you see very little skin at all. How much of women’s clothing is actually made to be loose fitting? I think nothing is wrong with dress and I don’t think it changes her heart for our lord and savior, so every Leader or woman of God that says this dress is inappropriate, go to your closet and throw out every piece of clothing that fits to your body because if you( women) our built like she is what really can you put on that’s going to over it up? if you don’t know her personally and only see her on tv like I do, I think she’s very great representation of a godly woman, don’t be mad because you cant wear it.

  2. MIt would be WONDERFUL if more people in the body of Christ would a take a stand with the preacher that was brave enough to speak about the dress. It fits her well…TOO WELL and is simply not the best representative of what THE GOSPEL has to offer. What is shocking is that Christians have become so quick to label something as judgemental, YET they judge WHY many find this distracting, distasteful, and inappropriate for ministry. They are called jealous, legalistic, dogmatic, and even worse– they are being named as THE REASON why the church is like it The church is the way it is because of compromise. What is on the inside shows up on the outside. It’s showing LOUD AND CLEAR.
    Also, the writer of this blog should have made contact with THE PREACHER and posted their comments in CONTEXT to the discussion was had. There gender was never mentioned either, and most of the readers here have assumed that a MAN made the comments. Quite the contrary…quite the contrary.
    MOST LEADERS AGREED…this was just not appropriate for ministry and I am in prayer with the body of Christ that we get back to the basics…which include LEAVING THE SEXY OUT OF MINISTRY!!!!!!!!
    God judges the heart, BUT WHEN PEOPLE CAN SEE YOUR BREAST, THIGHS AND HIPS…that’s a problem.

    • Very well stated. G-D bless you for stating what is obviously right, even to some of the so-called Christians who only agree that it’s appropriate because it would allow them to do the same.

    • Amen and Amen! Sometimes these days you can not tell who is a hooker from a person who proclaims the name of Christ and that’s a shame. No wonder some people in the world reject being converted; I heard people say they will not go to church…because there are people that do this and that there ( things that wordly people do) this is no excuse,but, it’s sad to hear that. The bible instructs us to “abstain from the appearance of evil”. What we do affects other people.

    • I think that her dress is beautiful and the nerve of Preachers who will accepted gays into their churches and say do not judge, but have something to say about a beautiful woman wearing a nice dress, so what if the dress is showing her curves. she has that right my God leave her along, If you wish to wear old fashion clothes then thats your business. As you know the world is changing we now have have rap gospel etc… if you dont like what someone is wearing keep it to yourself. And remember when you have one finger pointing at someone you have the other one pointing at youself.

    • Yes! Rightly said. Her dress is too tight. Someone commented that she cannot help how she looks because of her curvy shape. I don’t agree with that. There is nothing modest about that dress. No matter the shape of a women, she can help how she looks because she is the one choosing to put on the garment. Whatever we put on, our garment is should not purposefully ignite any sexual inuendos. While it is true that people can think sexually about someone with a blanket on, but we should not willfuly and intentionally choose to allow any imprints of our body to show so distinctly.

  3. After some of these comments I’ve read, I wouldn’t dare step foot in you so-called “Christians'” churches. Are you all really that congested with judgement about what she’s wearing?! WHO CARES?! It’s not suggestive in any way and not one part of her skin is showing from her neck down to her ankle. It’s amazing how some of y’all “deep Christians” look so intently at what someone’s wearing and not what you yourselves are doing. Has anything you’ve worn made someone want to come back to church to see you? While they “happened” to have learned about God on the way?

  4. I think Erica looks amazing. Although she is curvy, she is embracing what God gave her. All the haters should stop. She’s got is going on.

  5. She is beautiful in whatever she wears. She can not hide her curves, nor should she try to hide it. You look good if I had your body I would wear that dress also. Love you much! !!!!!

  6. I personally do not see anything wrong with her dress. I think she looks gorgeous and the dress is very tasteful. Seasoned Christians are the reason why some people refuse to come to church because they are so judgemental.

  7. There is nothing wrong with her attire. It is elegant and classy. She is wearing age appropiate attire. People wants her to dress like the mother board. Stop being so judgmental and hope you make it in the King of heaven

  8. If you don’t like what she is wearing buy her something you think is “appropriate”. But if you aren’t going to buy then SHUT UP. This dress wont keep her out of heaven but YOUR judgement might keep you out. Plus I see alot of saints in suits that fit just as good as hers. There is nothing wrong with her dress.

  9. Hmm. I understand not promoting lust snd sex, and that, in my eyes, is a sexy dress. In her. It may not be as flattering on another. But is that really her problem? Because that may not appear sexy to someone who is not so curvy. There have been looser fitted dresses that have been just as “sexy.” To me, she looks confident. And I say all of this because I really would like to understand, from a leader’s perspective, what the problem is? Because her intentions were not to tempt, then should the onlookers have the real problem?

  10. the dress is tight but the pose is conservative. she even put her hands in fronts to cover a little. now if she was turned around and bent over looking over he shoulder, biting her bottm lip with her finger coaxing you “come here” now that might be a problem. and her husband had approve of this. it is very flattering and everybody is talking about it, so it did what it was supposed to do. nobody said nothin about Bishop preachin in skin tight spandex shirts til some young boys had somethin to say. let homegirl be, she is all woman and alright, I wouldnt let my wife wear it but thats just me.

  11. She looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! She’s dressed tastefully, covered up to her neck and below her knees just the way the “Old church Mothers” like you to be. Ok the dress hugs her body but SO WHAT!! I just don’t understand what the big deal or discussion is about. I am sure her husband previewed the dress and I am almost certain if there was a problem HE would have spoken up about it prior to the photo shoot. People need to focus on the real issues in the church like homosexuality, hipocrisy, adultrey and other things that could send us to hell not what MRS. ERICA CAMPBELL is wearing on her album cover.

  12. I wrestled to whether or not I should engage in this bantering but silents will later haunt me if I remain as such – so tis the season to be folly (a foolish action). The question that I have to ask is what is in our closets – metaphorically speaking? There are so many Christians who hide there true lives all in the name of Christ. I am sure if God was to reveal the struggles that so many us have or are experiencing from day to day we too would be like those who came to stone the adulterous woman when Jesus said he who is without sin cast the first stone – and as He looked up the woman’s accusers were gone. Why are we wasting so much time on this matter of Erica’s dress – it does not matter what she wears, good, bad, or indifferent somebody is going to have something to say about it because people are simply unhappy with themselves or self righteous; if she is wrong in her attire then Jesus Christ will convict her in her spirit man or send that right person who will minister to her needs in a spirit of gentleness (Galatians 6:1-3).

    There are so many other battles that we have to fight – I just recently funeralized a 15 year old young man who thought it would be better to commit suicide than to continue living this life; immediately following that service I’ve received calls from other youth and adults alike who are struggling with this spirit of suicide. People of God we not only need prayer, we need action; not waisted conversations about Erica’s dress but conversations of plans of actions to assist the needs of so many people who are hurting and struggling with surviving the loss of family and finances.

    In closing, I am sure with my thoughts being conveyed some of you will pick up those very stones and I too will become the focus of your attention – doing just what the devil enjoy us doing and that is killing and destroying one another. God bless

  13. This is a very inset resting discussion. I think the dress looks great but I do feel it would be a distraction in church. If the front looks like that, how does it look from the back?? Exactly! Those distractions should not be purposely exposed in the house of The Lord. I can understand a babe in Christ but someone whose been in church for years and is a leader in the gospel industry; this is not acceptable.

    • Also, that is just my opinion. I’m not a preacher/ pastor/ or leader in the church. I’m just someone whose trying to get back right with The Lord.

  14. I think Erica looks great in the dress, however, I think it would be distracting. Our hearts and minds should be focused on the words that she is singing and ministering to God’s people, but I think it would be difficult for most men and women alike. They would probably not focus on the song because there is a beautiful woman coupled with every curve of her body etched out in front of them. I just think you have to careful to keep the focus on the main thing which is winning souls for Christ and that attire screams, “Look at my body!” I am not a hater by no means. Again, I think she looks great and I also think if you got it flaunt it, BUT be more careful about how your audience will accept you in that attire.

  15. The Apostle original comments are accurate, this whole situation is only acceptable because WE have lost something….OUR LOVE FOR YAHWEH!

    Keep in mind that she is on the cover of her new CD….which reflects her ministry to Yahweh! The fact that we even have a question about her attire is an indicator that the mark has been missed. In ministry, we are just vessels, anytime the vessel receives more glory (me and my beauty, with my curves in this dress) … we have missed the mark!

    This young lady has been walking in the “Way” with Yahweh for awhile now, this outfit looks like something that would be worn by someone that was just saved. 15 years ago (when they first started), you would not have caught her wearing something like this, my question is, what happened?

    It’s amazing, our STANDARDS for walking in RIGTHEOUSNESS have decreased to the point that we can’t even understand why what she is wearing is inappropriate. We have indeed become a LAWLESS church just like Jude tells us. We must return to Holiness, for that is what HE requires. We are required to be Holy and set apart (like HIM) from the world, not LOOK like the world. Truly we have lost our RESPECT for Yahweh….Psalms 119: 5-6.

    My question for all you ladies out there, how many of you would find that dress acceptable if your husbands beautiful co-worker (which sat in the cubicle in front of your husband) wore that dress or something like it everyday and your husband had to view her in it…everyday! Just saying…

    • And let the Church say…Amen!

    • You people are so funny. Now she has to be responsible for what someone else thinks or feels about her. I worship God and not a church of any kind. Will never step foot in a church and this is a reason why. Too much judgment, if God didn’t want her to look like that in a dress he wouldn’t have given her that body

  16. I usually never post anything. But the first thing that comes to mind is ridiculous. Come on folks. Really? She has on a dress that starts at her neck and comes down past her knees. Why or why are we so judgmental???????? I grew up in the grand ole COGIC. 3rd Generation COGIC. And these are the same teachings that I was taught as a child (no lipstick, no pants in church for woman, etc.) that kept my friends from wanting to visit. What she has on is FINE! I can understand if she was preaching, and one would find it distracting “while” she preaching, but she’s not. Everything has its place. When you (and/or) your kids went to the Prom, did they wear a “habit” (long white rode’ish attire that Missionaries/Evangelist wear in COGIC) I’m sure they didn’t. Because it was not the time for that. When you go to the gym, do you wear the baggiest sweat pants you have? Doubt it!!Enough is enough, the judgment we offer each other (as supposed Christians) leaves a very negative taste in my mouth. God came to Love..And Love more abundantly. Show me somewhere (anywhere) in the bible where Jesus condemned someone’s attire? So what makes us think it’s ok??? It’s never ok. Never…Stop. It’s not a good look on you. You want to see church out of the box..I dare you to stop by mine… Where we are the embodiment of infinite possibilities!

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