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Christian rapper receives death threats over a song

by Kristine Galvan, Reporter, HOUSTON (FOX 26)

Sitting in his recording studio, phone in hand 30-year-old Bizzle looks more like your average everyday father of two than a rapper whose latest song has prompted online death threats from total strangers.

“We have these conversations ‘off the record’ so much, but everyone’s afraid to speak up because of what comes speaking up,” he spoke into the phone.

The person on the other line was a radio talk show host, and they were talking about a song he wrote called “Same Love Response.” It’s a spin on the song Macklemore sang at the 2014 Grammy awards show as dozens of same-sex couples married on national television.

Once a self-described secular rapper recording under the Lavish Entertainment label , Bizzle’s new label is God Over Money. He says his version of the song is based on the Bible. Critics say its hateful.

When asked, “do you hate gay people?,” Bizzle responded, ” Not at all. Not at all.”

At the Grammy’s when Macklemore sang the words, ” have you read the YouTube comments lately?”, he wasn’t talking about Bizzle’s then yet to be written track, and yet, Bizzle’s gotten more than his share of profanity laced, hateful comments.

“People telling (me) things like, ‘oh I’m gonna chop your body up and send it to your family’.”

Bizzle is now turning the tables on the posters, using the Internet, the same tool they used to attack him, to prove his point.

The website is called

“When I propose my beliefs, just respect them the same way supposed to respect you,” he said. “I just tweeted yesterday, if you see me out with a woman who is not my wife, I expect you to check me on it. (Just) because I’m Bizzle and I rap, I don’t get to be out cheating on my wife, and get a pass. As brothers and sisters in Christ we hold ourselves, we hold each other accountable.”



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  1. I respect this young soldier for standing up for what The Bible says about the lifestyle many are coming to accept. I stand with you brother in Christ… and know assured, no weapon formed against you will be able to prosper…

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