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Deitrick Haddon is Officially Re-Married

by Kris Patrick, pathmegazine

haddon1It’s official! Deitrick Haddon, 40, has gotten re-married to Dominique Mctyer, 29, in what was a private ceremony July 21st. The couple has one child together.  Haddon’s first wife, Gospel singer Damita, divorced in 2011.

September 3rd Haddon will release his new CD R.E.D.

Haddon explains, that “the album title R.E.D. is more than just a creative acronym.  It represents an album that is, for me, very transparent.  R.E.D. means the color of love…the color of life…the color that binds us all together.  It’s the color of the blood of Jesus, He that forgives us our sins and restores everything damaged in our lives.”

You can catch Haddon on the upcoming ‘Preachers of LA‘ reality show debuting on the Oxygen Network this fall.




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