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Members Flee After Pastor Removes Pregnant Teen From Choir

girlbabyA local pastor outside Nashville, Tn, is under fire for his decision to remove a 16 year-old girl off the youth choir for becoming pregnant. Rev. Jerome Bates, who pastor’s Greater Cathedral claims he removed the child from singing in the choir because this will be her third child and he believes her presence in the choir is sending the wrong message to other youth in church.

“Three babies.. Three babies this baby will have. She doesn’t need to sing in the choir, she needs help. I want to help her. The church wants to help her” said Pastor Bates.

Esha was 14 when she gave birth to her first child. The second at 15 and now she’s 16 and pregnant again. She joined the church while pregnant with her second child and started singing 3 months later.

“We’ve done a lot to help Esha, but she has to want to help herself. What kind of message are we sending if we allow our children to make mistakes and not punish them. Other youth in church are looking at her and saying, well, it must be okay” said Pastor Bates.

But everyone is not in agreement with Pastor Bates philosophy. Morgan Hailey, a 7 year member of the church said “I love Pastor Bates, but he’s handling this wrong. This girl is lost and the choir is her path to get closer with God.”

Many members are upset with the pastor because Esha has not attended church since July 7th. They fear for her safety and are concerned she will resort to old habits.

Esha is currently living with her grandmother and said she has ‘no intentions’ to return back to church.

Brian Green, who joined the church 6 months ago, but has left and attends another church because of Pastor’s decision said “This is why people are not coming to church now. We are too judgmental. He embarrassed the girl. I wouldn’t want to come back to this church either. What harm was caused by her singing in the choir.”

Pastor Bates says he stands by his decision and prays the best for Esha. Many parents have removed their children from the choir in support of Esha’s return.




  1. I understand that there is an issue here of this young lady not being able to sing in the choir, however Romans 6:1,2 tells us, “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?”
    Nobody should be singing in the choir while they are openly or secretly sinning and they know its wrong. You might be saying how can she say that, well I have every right to because I’ve been there and done that. I may not have gotten pregnant, but I was having sex(sinning) and singing in the choir. I removed myself because of God’s conviction. Now if you have the Holy Ghost(speaking in tongues) it will show you, yourself and the sin your doing is WRONG.
    Now, the pastor has every right to not allow her to sing in the choir, he has offered his help according to the article and she left.

    Being 16 with 3 kids does send a bad message out to the youth. If we haven’t learned from our mistakes and keep on sinning how are we going to EFFECTIVELY help another? We can’t. We will be called a hypocrite! If we keep giving into the same old temptation we have before how will we ever overcome and move on with the life God wants us to have? Sin leads to death, so we will just die in our sins.

    Also,if the members are SO “concerned” (I use “concerned” loosely)about this young lady, why aren’t they going out their way to help her? They claimed to be so worried about her falling back into old habits, but aren’t trying to help her. Probably didn’t help her the second time she got pregnant, but talked bad about her. Find her, nature her, teach her what it means to live free and separate from sin. Show her how to be a young women of God.

    • I agree with Simone & the Pastor. Wake up people! Let’s get real! We all know what we are doing. Take a hard look at yourself and decide if you’re in position to Worship Him, because true worship can only be done in Spirit & in Truth. You’re either Hot or Cold. Bible readers, what did GOD say about being “lukewarm”?

  2. I agree with the Pastor. The Church should be concerned about it purity and about its testimony. That is bigger than just one person who refuses to repent. This girl has continued a lifestyle of fornication and brought 3 illegitimate children into the world. Her sin will affect these 3 babies the rest of their lives. If she wants help, she needs to repent and forsaker her sin. She needs to be born again and her life will be transformed by the power of the gospel.

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