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Pastor Confesses His Wife’s Adultery, Mental Illness To Church

by Michael Allen, Opposing Views

PastorRonCarpenterHopeThere are many verses in the Bible about confessing one’s sin to God, but Pastor Ron Carpenter recently took confession one uncomfortable step further by confessing his wife’s alleged sins to their church.

This past Sunday, Pastor Carpenter told the Redemption World Outreach Center that his wife, Hope Hilley Carpenter, had committed adultery many times during the past ten years of their twenty year marriage.

He also told the Greenville, S.C. church that Hope voluntarily checked herself into a one-year rehab clinic where she is in isolation for evaluation. Pastor Carpenter also informed his congregation that a therapist said his wife “was the worst case they had ever seen.”

“There is a sickness, there is a whole other dual life that I am finding out that has been created,” said Pastor Carpenter. “Hope is not well. You need to know that. We don’t know what’s wrong, but these are not the actions of anybody that is right.”

Pastor Carpenter, who has three children with his wife, added, “She does not need wrath [or] anger. She needs prayer, she needs support and she needs miracles.”

Apparently, this went over well with most of the 13,000 church members, who have been showering Pastor Carpenter with prayers, flowers and cards.

An unidentified church member told The Christian Post that there has been a “very good, heartwarming response” to Pastor Carpenter’s confession of his wife’s alleged infidelities and emotional problems.

Pastor Carpenter claimed that his remarks were a “family discussion,” but have quickly traveled around the world on the web.

According to Charisma News, Pastor Carpenter told his flock that when Hope admitted to an affair in 2010, he ended up in the hospital where doctors thought he was having a heart attack.

“I cannot tell you the horror of having something like plutonium inside of me, a secret in me,” Pastor Carpenter wept. “And I have to grab a microphone every Sunday and Wednesday and talk to the world, having lost all my confidence, humiliated, shamed and embarrassed.”

“There was no remorse. There was no compassion. The erratic behavior, random, random, reckless, careless behavior only escalated, and the situation in 2011, 2012 just deteriorated worse and worse. I don’t know how I have come before you and done what I have done. The state of my mind and the preoccupation… the volatility of my home. I don’t know how I’ve done what I’ve done,” added the humble pastor.




  1. I thank God for this pastor how he has forgiven his wife and stood by her. Many, so called pastors, bishops and ministers have a lot to learn from him. He has forgiven her and not tossed her to the side with a replacement! This pastor has demonstrated Christ’s character and the character that should be in all of his children. ‘If they are indeed his children.’ I will go as far as to say, that she is probably still alive due to his christ-like-ness!

    It appears that she has a bipolar disorder and with medication should get her on an even keel. They are fortunate to have a congregation that is supportive as they are going to require much prayer, in order for her to simply comply with the treatment regime.

  2. Frustrated by the church

    I think this website should be renamed #PASTORFAIL

    If the guy is hurting, I get that, but his approach… totally wrong…

  3. Some of the things he says are very contradictory to anyone who knows anything about mental illness and treatment centers. No one anywhere should have access, she’s in that bad a shape yet can leave anytime and has her car and keys? From reading and listening to videos I now know more about Satan and restoration suspensions and covering for people YET learned nothing about how this church feels about Jesus. People in the world and internet would like verification that the lady is safe and in a safe place.

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