Prayers Lifted for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport After Shooter Kills 5, Injures 8

by Julie Brown Patten

Immediately following a gunman’s shooting attack on passengers at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport in Florida Friday afternoon, groups and individuals began to send prayers for the victims, and their families and friends. Some say they are praying for a nation during this current transition period, which is also riddled with confusion, anger and sorrow.

“My prayers are with those impacted by the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting. Every time I fly, I pray when I get on the plane and when I get off the plane. I used to only pray for the flight and traveling, though since the U.S. has experienced so much terrorism, for years, I’ve prayed for everyone on the flight — for their hearts, their minds, and their spirit. Then, I started to pray before I even got to the airport for everyone in the airport,” stated Daphne Valcin on Facebook.

“This one hits so close to home…I’m at the Fort Lauderdale Airport all the time…And now, I’m there all of the time with baby Jasmine too…We really must pray for our nation.”

“As more news comes in, let’s keep Fort Lauderdale, FL and it’s people in our prayers today,” stated Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

“Once again we bow our heads in prayer for victims of a senseless tragedy,” stated Maggie Worley on a United Methodist Church posting to unify those praying about this tragedy.

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