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The ROC begins search for new pastor

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – The Richmond Outreach Center officially started their search on Saturday to replace former Senior Pastor Geronimo Aguliar, who was involved with multiple extramarital affairs and arrested for sexual assault charges in Texas.

In a press release issued on Saturday (see press release below), the ROC said, “We have all been going through a time of grieving and hurt over the moral failings of our former Senior Pastor.”

The Board of Directors spent the past three months strengthening the leadership team to start a nationwide search in replacing Aguliar.

The church said they will provide updates on how the search is going.


Pastor Search Update

September 14, 2013

The following statement was made by the Board of Directors at Six O’Clock ROC, The ROC’s weekly church service, on Saturday, September 14, 2013.

We want to thank The ROC family for all of your prayers on behalf of our church and especially the Board of Directors these past three months.  We have all been going through a time of grieving and hurt over the moral failings of our former Senior Pastor.  In light of continued questions regarding the departure of our former Senior Pastor, the Board of Directors would like to clarify the reason for the departure of our former Senior Pastor, Geronimo Aguilar.

After our former pastor was arrested related to charges in Texas, the Board of Directors became aware of his multiple extramarital affairs with members of our church and community.  This Biblically disqualified him from the office of pastor and leadership of The ROC in any capacity.  The Board of Directors is committed to providing godly leadership at all levels of ministry.

Over these past three months, our Board of Directors, working hand-in-hand with our leadership team and staff, have been stabilizing and advancing the ministries of The ROC.  We’ve seen 1,212 people make decisions for Christ during this time.  We have also been in the preparation stages of a nationwide search for God’s man to pastor our church and to lead us as we continue to fulfill our mission of Changing Lives, Making Life Changers.

Tonight, we’re happy to share with you that we are officially beginning the search.  The Board of Directors will provide regular updates in the coming weeks and months as to the progress of this search.

On behalf of the Board, our church leadership, and our staff, we ask that you continue to pray for The ROC, our outreach in the community, and our official search for a new Senior Pastor.



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