Should churches be required to have armed security

An Alabama lawmaker is pushing a bill to authorize churches to have armed security guards within their membership and provide those guards with a level of legal immunity.

Republican State Rep. Lynn Greer has pre-filed a bill called “The Alabama Church Protection Act” or HB36.

The bill will authorize churches to tap members of the congregation to be armed security guards, but what sets this apart from already established laws, is that it will provide those members with a level of legal protection.

That legal immunity would be in the case there actually was a shooting, and the members acted within the scope of duty as part of the church protection program.

“If it so chooses, a church may decide to set up a security force that would have the blessings of state government,” explained Brown.

The members would have to have state issued pistol permits and go through an in-depth firearm training course with law enforcement.

Our question for you, should it be a law requiring all churches to have armed security? Comment below.


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