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11 Ways Leaders Wreck Their Churches

by Carey Nieuwhof, Church Leaders
How much potential impact is being wasted or destroyed because leaders aren’t leading effectively?

How much potential impact is being wasted or destroyed because leaders aren’t leading effectively?

The problem with ineffectivess and sin is it’s so much easier to spot in other people than it is to see within ourselves.

Chances are, you’ve got some theories on why the leader down the road is struggling in their church.

Or why the latest megachurch icon cheated and fell.

But what about you?

Progress really starts when you and I look in the mirror and ask the hard questions.

So What Might You Be Destroying?

So what might you be doing that’s destroying the ministry you’re leading, the people you’re leading, the cause you believe in?

OK, destroying is a loaded word.

I realize that for the most part, nobody means to harm or destroy others. And most of us might not fail catastrophically in that sense.

But what if by ignoring common leadership pitfalls, you destroy the potential of your ministry?

In fact, that’s a likely explanation of what is happening in many churches.

Think about it. In most churches, things aren’t collapsing wildly, they’re just not advancing. Or if they are advancing, they’re still not reaching their potential.

How much potential impact is being wasted or destroyed because leaders aren’t leading effectively?

11 Subtle or Not-So-Subtle Ways to Destroy Your Ministry.

Here are 11 ways I’ve noticed in which leaders sabotage their ministry. I’m personally working to address each of these daily in my own life and leadership.

Why? Because most of us never intend to destroy anything. But sometimes we do anyway. Here’s how:

1. Caring more about your personal success than the success of others and the mission.

The battle against sin is a battle against self. If you don’t check your ego, it will check you.

Godly leadership means caring about the mission more than you care about your personal success, and desiring to see others flourish. Leaders who forget that destroy their potential and the potential of their mission.

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