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Guard Your Flock … Even From Other Christians

It may seem ironic, but some of the people from whom you have to most tenaciously guard your church are other believers.

It may seem ironic, but some of the people from whom you have to most tenaciously guard your church are other believers.

This guy was obviously a pro. He actually told me that his friends call him the “Prophecy Terrorist.”

This was his introduction—The Prophecy Terrorist.

He didn’t have questions. He wanted to get inside my church to find someone who would give him the attention he desired. He wanted me to meet with him so he could debate me—and convince me.

And, I have boundaries. I don’t do that.

And, I shepherd a congregation that also has boundaries. We did not need The Prophecy Terrorist distracting us from our mission.

You may not have met the “Prophecy Terrorist,” but I bet you’ve met other issue-driven Christians. There are “issue Calvinists,” “issue Charismatics,” “issue homeschoolers,” “issue political Christians,” and the list goes on and on.

Your church is not a public square for people to debate and opine. It’s a place that you are to guard and shepherd.

You create boundaries—both personally and congregationally.

People won’t like that (so bring on the comments), but if you allow your church to be a gathering of special interest groups, then your ministry will be built around keeping them happy. Or, keeping them apart. And, promising them attention that you then spend your life trying to fulfill.

There is a better way (though not everyone will like it).

Creating a healthy boundary for your church means knowing who you are as a church, where you are, where you’re going and what that means for people who are outside of that.

Your church is not the place for issue Christians who want to dominate your time to be given the freedom to do so. Save that time for counseling the hurting, not arguing with the agenda driven.

On the other hand, I will welcome and talk to “issue non-Christians” all day long.

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