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Preachers call for Boycott of “Preachers of L.A.” Reality Show

Over 100 preachers in Orlando, Florida, and surrounding areas have called for a boycott of the new reality TV show set to air this Fall, “Preachers of L.A.”.

The show will give a detailed look inside of the lives of well-known church leaders and pastors, with congregations in Los Angeles. Cast members include: Bishop Noel Jones (of the ‘City of Refuge’), Deitrick Haddon (gospel singer), Bishop Clarence McClendonPastor Wayne Chaney, Bishop Ron Gibson and Pastor Jay Haizlip.

Not every preacher is on board with the new Oxygen show;

Rev. Jacob Samuels from Orlando said,  “Our preachers have blended in so well with the world, if you watch the trailer on mute, you can’t tell if these are preachers or rap stars.”

“We have been called to be a light to the world. Yes, we do face everyday issues, but that does not mean we expose our lives in a way where its a negative reflection of the church” 

Pastor E.L. Williams said, “I wonder how many people will give their life to the Lord after watching this?”

The group of preachers who have assembled stated they are not against preachers having nice things, they are against the “message” this show will portray to America.

This year America has seen it’s share of religious reality Television from “The Preacher’s Wives” to “Preachers’ Daughters”.  Each program set to renew an additional season received much criticism from Christians, yet produced high ratings with TV viewership; this resulting to Big Bucks for the Top TV Executives.

Rev. Michael Lorraine said, “First TV started banking from our young men and women through music and music videos; now they see a lucrative opportunity to have our men of God parade on television with no purpose. We have to be smarter.”



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