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Erica Campbell: We Need Just A Little More Jesus (Dress Opinion)

erica-campbell-dressErica Campbell has no problem pronouncing that she is a woman of God, a wife and mother of three children. But let’s face it; this picture also says she is confident, hot and (forgive me Lord and Highly Sanctified Holy-Ghost Filled Saints)…sexy.

Sexy is a taboo word in the Christian Community. Even though it may be mentioned, it generally has a negative connotation attached, yielding negative results. Primarily, because many people contrast the term to 1Timothy 2:9-10 which refers to, “Women should adorn themselves in modest apparel.”

The problem is that modest is up for interpretation. What you think is modest and others think is modest may differ. The question, “How much is too much?” is controversial and one that seems to change depending on where you go and who you entertain in conversation.

Now, this picture is the promotional photo for the release of Campbell’s album and follows her debut single, “Just a little more Jesus,” as well as a Grammy nomination.

Based on my observation I see two messages:

  1. This is another representation of Christian women’s daily battle between following fashion trends and exemplifying their faith—especially among women that want to remain relevant in today’s society.

As a young Christian woman and image consultant, I am also on this battlefield to ensure that I do try not to compromise my faith when it comes to fashion, while still remaining true to myself and not feeling like I have to look like Mary Poppins.

Yes, Campbell’s dress does remind me of a Kim Kardashian ensemble. I don’t want to be Kim Kardashian; I want to be who God has created ME to be! However; I must admit, I do like the concept of Kardashian’s style to embrace her curves. Until the church admits there is an evolving generation of believers just like me and learns to embrace us, as well as how to properly address this concern, The Body of Christ will never be free. At the same time, my generation needs to take responsibility for our choices and be open to receive wise council.

  1. There is no better way to gain buzz or promote an album called, “Help Me,” than to wear a dress that would cause discussion in the Christian Community.

Remember, the lead song refers to needing “Just a LITTLE More Jesus.” What better way to support the foundation of this project than present her own struggle of asking Jesus for help in choosing her clothing? Had Erica Campbell come out with a huge open v-neck to her inner courts, people would have argued that she needed A LOT more Jesus.  So, this dress—while not displaying actual skin in private areas—is still a play on artist publicity and promotion, while exemplifying the REAL Christian woman’s desire to embrace her femininity.

The bottom line: I realize that Erica Campbell’s attire on this album cover is not for everyone. But, if this dress is any indication of how much Jesus she needs, then I need a little more myself.



About Candace Moore

Candace M. Moore is the Founder of More 2 See Image Development LLC. She specializes in image consulting for the Christian market.


  1. If she were not confident in her attire she probably would not have chosen it. I hope people can find a way to give it a rest. Erica Campbell wears her ensemble well. It is not a reflection of her faith unless she determines it to be so through her own convictions. If church folk have a problem with then they have to live with their own conscious.

  2. She looks stunning!!

  3. I personally think she looks very airbrushed and nice. Would I as a conservative Christian think that this dress is appropriate for a Christian album cover “NO”. I am entitled to my opinion the same as the rest of you. This is a matter of opinion. This is her cover, it is chosen, they got what they wanted people to talk about her good or bad it is the business. I want to know if the album is good bottom line for me.

  4. I don’t comment on articles but this stuck a cord with me. I personally think she looks fabulous!! As a stylist that works on movies sets,photo shoots,individuals..the list goes on. I am grateful for doors that God is opening within the fashion community. Their needs to be more fashion forward Christians, her album cover compared to artist of today! This is nothing!! Because I grew up in a very conservative Christian household and church( which I am grateful ) I use to think if I wore certain items or even desired to dress a certain way,that I wasn’t saved!! How many church’s don’t agree with women wearing makeup especially not a red lip!! Some people thought you were not saved. I have no problem if people say that outfit isn’t for them but when we began to question someone’s walk with Christ because of a fitted dress! There is a problem. The gospel music industry is a ministry and a business. If she wants to sell albums she has to produce great music and look great. I agree with you Candace that modesty is different for many people.
    If we look when most denominations were started especially within the black community,women dress covered from head to toe from the world to the was the norm. the church took it further and felt they had to be more modest to be separate. Wearing pants wear not lady like or even worn before Cocoa Chanel designed them for women and it became a a fashion trend. Look at the films from mid century and before…. wearing pants weren’t not consider feminine .So while Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol who pushed the envelope of her day today she would be JUST a classy beautiful lady nothing controversial about her.
    So while WE ( the church) continue to talk about the church issues, let’s study the history of fashion,history of music and gospel music,let’s just study history…let’s go beyond our opinions or what we have been raised to think or what is our personal opinion”My people perish for the lack of knowledge.”

    I do agree with you Candace that church needs to start embracing us forward thinking or progressive Christians.we want to live according to the word of God and bring people into the kingdom based off the Word and not our opinions.
    ” when I talk like Jesus all the Christian love me but when I walk like Jesus they want to judge me ain’t that funny” Andy Mineo song “church in the wild”

  5. Psalmaon Talatalian

    Little by little we are creating our own Jesus and doctrine and we are making our own. Christianity is about obeying the Lord not our own principles.
    How Jesus will be suprised by our generation.

  6. This topic of Erica’s dress and fashion in ministry is spreading like crazy. My question to the preachers and church leaders, not to be argumentative, just inquisitive…why now? Erica has worn plenty of dresses like that one to red carpet events, award shows, etc, and her walk hadn’t been questioned. Whats different now? Another reason why it’s so hard for me to understand, because these are different times. What was unacceptable for men and women back in the gap, was also either unthought of or unrivaled. Some ppl said no, and it was no. But just like rap wasn’t accepted in church and praise at one time, eventually ppl realized it was just another way to draw in God’s children. Her dress is like rap. At one time unorthodox and unaccepted bc it pushed lines, but it really doesn’t have anything to do with the level of her praises. Her curves will show in whatever she puts on and let’s be real, we brought in this world butt naked. If she was trying to exude lust, she woulda turned to the side for an ass shot. In today’s fashion, that is an example of modest attire. It covers from her neck to mid calves. She doesn’t look inappropriate to me, she just looks confident.

  7. This whole situation is only acceptable because WE have lost something….OUR LOVE FOR YAHWEH!

    Keep in mind that she is on the cover of her new CD….which reflects her ministry to Yahweh! The fact that we even have a question about her attire is an indicator that the mark has been missed. In ministry, we are just vessels, anytime the vessel receives more glory (me and my beauty, with my curves in this dress) … we have missed the mark!

    This young lady has been walking in the “Way” with Yahweh for awhile now, this outfit looks like something that would be worn by someone that was just saved. 15 years ago (when they first started), you would not have caught her wearing something like this, my question is, what happened?

    It’s amazing, our STANDARDS for walking in RIGTHEOUSNESS have decreased to the point that we can’t even understand why what she is wearing is inappropriate. We have indeed become a LAWLESS church just like Jude tells us. We must return to Holiness, for that is what HE requires. We are required to be Holy and set apart (like HIM) from the world, not LOOK like the world. Truly we have lost our RESPECT for Yahweh….Psalms 119: 5-6.

    My question for all you ladies out there, how many of you would find that dress acceptable if your husbands beautiful co-worker (which sat in the cubicle in front of your husband) wore that dress or something like it everyday and your husband had to view her in it…everyday! Just saying…

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