Many Blacks are outraged at Steve Harvey for meeting with Trump

Steve Harvey meets with President-elect Trump (1/13/17) about housing and inner-city issues

Why are black people so mad at Steve Harvey? Why can’t a black man meet with the next President of the United States?

Regardless of how you feel about Donald, he is going to be our 45th President. As a black community we cannot isolate ourselves and refuse to have any dealings with his administration.

Steve Harvey has a successful foundation that is doing wonders for young black men across our nation. Check out the video below.

It is no secret about the outrageous amount of violence that is plaguing cities across our country, i.e. Chicago. This meeting with President-elect Trump was to discuss plans to combat this violence. If you feel President-elect Trump is not qualified and connected to the black community, it is that much more important for us to have great representation in his ear to express our concerns of problems and strategies for solutions.

What are your views about Steve Harvey meeting with President-elect Trump? Share below.


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