Travis Greene wows at Presidential Inaugural Ball

Ending his performance with a resounding ‘JESUS’, Travis Greene wows during his performance.

Earlier this week Travis gave his reasoning for performing at the ball,

 “Why? Because in the Bible, many times, when God’s hand was on someone, on his servant, he gave them access to places of power. They served and spoke his word in front of kings that they agreed with and disagreed with. So I believe that this is a door open from God for me to engage in culture — not to sit back and tolerate or complain, but to help redefine culture in some way. So I’m taking the light and the love of Jesus where it belongs.”

With much backlash from Christians and blacks across the nation Travis stood firm on his decision to perform.

3 times the name “Jesus” was mentioned. Holding truth to Travis’s statement to bring the light of Jesus to the world.

Below is a video uploaded by a Facebook user.

Do you agree with his performance?


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