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Pastor Says NO to Women Wearing WEAVES in Church

Pastor A.J. Aamir recently told his leadership staff at Resurrecting Faith, DO NOT wear weaves. Pastor Aamir feels women wearing weaves presents a false image of themselves and are associated with women who have low self-esteem.

“Our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying” said Pastor Aamir.

Pastor Aamir admits he was raised in a strict household. His mother and father are members of the Islamic faith. At 39 years old, he leads a congregation whose average age is 22.

“Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads” he told

“I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. “Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.”

Pastor Aamir acknowledges he cannot legally prohibit women from wearing weaves in church, but he still highly disapproves it.

Resurrecting Faith was founded by Pastor Aamir and is located in Waco, Texas.




  1. I think the pastor thinking the $300 bucks should be in his till.

    • The Love offering tray must be getting skimpy. Does he wear $300.00 suits? Betcha!!!!

    • Pahhhh-lease…this complete ignorance ! How do you know a man who attends that same church isn’t wearing a 300 hundred dollar suit, and still can’t make ends meet, or a man wearing a gold watch worth more than his house that is struggling to feed his kids. I mean I get where he is coming from…but the whole “weave” thing is just SEXIST. As long as I am loving myself, god, and my neighbor, I will continue to wear as I see fit.

  2. The Holy Bible states that the hair of a woman is her glory and the glory of a man is his strength. Some women have the glory and some will get the glory.
    Men don’t have the challenges with hair that women do. We can go without a trim for a while, and some women like a man that way. Even if a man want’s to be clean-cut, he only needs to sit in a barber’s chair for 15-30 minutes on an average cost of $15. He can also learn how to cut his own hair like me, after trial-and-error he may get the desired look.
    Women have to wait hours to have their hair styled by a beautician with the average cost of $80+, and if she works full-time how will she find time. Now, women learn quick-tips on YouTube on how to sew a quick weave or just comb a wig and put it on. There is absolutely no wrong with a woman wearing a wig or weave in church or anywhere, as long as she doesn’t hide it from her companion that she dates.

  3. Not all women pay $300 to get their hair done, most of them know someone that does it for them or they do their own weave. Unless you are personally doing their hair, you can’t speak on that and plus it’s not any of the pastor’s business. Another thing, everybody do not look good wearing locks. Even if they women in the church stop getting their hair done, the money still won’t go in the collection plate. Pastor Amir or whatever his name is need to just preach the word and leave everything else to God. I thought church was the only place you could come as you are and not be judged!!

  4. The pastor is confused about his role in the church. It is not to determine what hairstyle(s) the women are wearing, whether it is weave or not. The finances of his members is another issue that does not require the pastor’s approval. I’m sure some of the women might have an issue with the amount of money that the pastor spends on his suits, but they are not discussing that in church. The pastor needs to read the word of God & keep his to himself.

    • The role of the pastor is to disciple the members of the church. That sounds like what he is doing.

      • Where don’t it say that in the Bible? Like this Pastor, people be making up stuff and also taken it out of context.

      • That’s discipline? Discipline is for someone who had done wrong. I thought it was the churches responsibility to lead people to Christ. So because the women wear a weave, they can’t get to Christ? She can’t be saved? Wow every woman who has a weave is going to hell now huh? Far fetched I know but so is his ridiculousness.
        Plus how does he know how much the ladies have paid? It sounds like he has far too much time on his hands and may be upset that the money isn’t going into the offering plate so he can buy 300$ suits.
        I find it interesting that he found it necessary to speak out about this and not any of the injustices that are going on in the country. #shameful

        • Jessica Williams

          true!! i wonder if he has those same restrictions against people who really commit sinful acts, because wearing a wig or weave is not a sin.

  5. I dont Agree,what if to have some type of illness that makes your hair fall out?????….

    • Then they’d most likely be wearing a wig, and not a weave.

      • This is not true, actually. Most women, even with alopeicia, don’t lose all their hair, unlike male pattern baldness. The weave has been a godsend to these women — the part of their own hair that remains around the edges makes the look appear more natural. And stress disorders like Trichotillomania leave perfectly healthy hair around the bald patches — wearing a full wig would just damage the healthy surrounding hair with traction. Black women have been losing their hair at alarming rates in recent years, and not all due to chemicals — some professionals believe it is actually the stress of racism that is causing this. It’s shocking to go to the beautician and see how many people have weaves not for pure vanity but for these reasons.

    • That’s true. Some Women has illinesses that cause their hair to fall out. If a Woman want to wear a weave or a wig that is her choice. Men always shave their head because their hair has fallen out. If they didn’t cut their hair then their head would look like a cul de sac at the top! So they shave it. They also wear tupaes on top of their heads. He really should not make anybody feel unwelcomed in the House of the Lord. He should have kept his person opinion to himself.

    • There is no reason to think that the pastor is against women wearing hair if they are dealing with an illness. The article had a quote about the pastor not wanting women to focus on what was on their head vs. what was in their head. I expect what he is really trying to address is that too much effort is being put into trying to look sexy instead of holy, and that church members need to be more careful about their finances. He is simply discipling his members.

  6. Elderly mothers wear wigs, as do cancer patients who’ve lost their hair as well. Should we too tell them that they should present themselves as they are? Or is that “permissable.” This pastor is male and only sees weaves/extensions for its astetic appeal, but not just how convienent it is for women who do not have several hours to wrestle with their hair in the midst of running households, children, balancing marriages and careers! I wonder if his partner were to stop shaving her underarms and legs, would he love that?

  7. I agree with the pastor. I took the weave out ten years ago when I got divorced. I was raising three children and my financial advisor said I needed to make some changes. I saved over $2,000 a year by going natural. I learned to love myself with short hair. I prayed that one day my hair would be just as beautiful as the weave and it is, to me. It’s a choice. If you disagree, find another church. No weave in heaven!

  8. For those people who feel a person should not get a weave/wig, that is their own PERSONAL business. Some women do not have hair. Some have sparse hair, some thin, some bald spot, alopecia. Women should & need to look their best. As with everything else in this society, things are always changing, improving, new technology. Why should someone use a kerosene lamp when you can have electricity light. Some preachers have their women congregants wearing long dresses, cotton stockings & natural hair, no perm, hair straightening, relaxer or color. Some men do that to hide their iniquity, lusts. Teach people about the Grace of God, Salvation, the Holy Spirit, Praise & Worship, Forgiveness, Christ Jesus, Being In Christ, why they do what they do. Preach & Teach the Word of God, not yours or anyone else’s opinion. People are dying, not understanding about Salvation, & you are quibbling over foolishness. Pastor L. Patricia Thomas

    • I totally agree with you, we most definitely need to be more concerned about the salvation of souls, instead of how someone CHOOSES to style their hair, or how they dress. This has been an issue with churches for sometime now, when will the madness end?!

  9. I’m not necessarily going to the Pastor’s intent; however, I do question why black women feel the need to look like white woman in terms of wearing long straight weave. Our hair has never been like that, even when have permed it. We have always had a style with some curls. Nothing is more sickening then seeing women with weave and their young daughters look as if their hair hasn’t had a comb in it for days. I’m never going to allow a Pastor to dictate what I do with my hair, but I wish we as woman would dig deep within to see our beauty and understand that beauty isn’t defined by the length of one’s hair.

    • Not every woman that wears errand
      weave gets it to have long straight hair or look white as you say. I have long straight NATURAL hair. I wear weaves to get shorter curly hairstyles that I can’t achieve with my hair. As do my 2 sisters. They wear super short weaves because they like to occasionally wear short hairstyles but dont want to cut their hair. Maybe you shouldn’t assume as to why women wear weaves. Not all of us want to be white

    • LOL — Why is it that no one ever assumes black woman want to look INDIAN or JAPANESE or MAORI or something? The world is big. (And some Japanese girls are getting Afros and cornrows, and their moms are scolding them as well.) I will be very happy when hair is no longer a political issue, but simply the changeable, versatile, not that deep, accessory it deserves to be.

    • I have natural hair, that shoulder link. In the winter I wear weaves and wigs. I call them my winter hairs. And I have several. Some are straight, curly, long, and different colors to. Some people ask me why I wear them when I have a head of healthy thick long hair. And my answer is because I can. I like to change my hair. And MY HUSBAND LOVE IT! BECAUSE TO HIM IT LIKE BEING WITH A DIFFERENT WOMAN EVERY OTHER WEEK. I love my hair and I love my wigs & weave. To many of us are to concerned about other appearance. BUT I’LL TELL YOU THIS, JESUS WASN’T! NEITHER IS GOD! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE PEOPLE! STOP WORRYING ABOUT HOW SOMEONE LOOKS FROM HEAD TO TOE!

    • Sssooo, what if a woman has weave and it’s kinky looking? They do sell that type of weave. Are women who wear kinky twists in the middle of some sort of identity crisis? And what about white women who wear weaves? Are they trying to be like the black woman who wants to be white? Goodness, I think people need to stop questiong black women’s motives for doing everything we do and get a life.

      I guess people just have to know and understand reasoning behind everything and when they can’t figure out why black women wear weaves, (why is this even a topic anyway?) they have to make up something. It HAS to be because we hate ourselves and want to be white. It HAS to be because we have low self-esteem. It CLEARLY can’t be because we just dang on want to. sheesh.

  10. I’ve learned, over the years of growing up, that any group, organization, or church that puts rules, conditions and regulation solely on the women (what they can’t or cannot do), eventually becomes a “cult”.

  11. Personal choice is key here, its important not to micromanage.I can see the point though, mental slavery exists. huge industries rely on insecurity. What’s the underlying reason for using weave to look professional? I know a lady who uses it so much , we haven’t seen her hair in years. Point is save a lot by doing your own hair. I may get a blowout every couple years just to switch it up, but my main choice is a easy, good looking natural style. It’s unique and good for your self esteem to wear natural hair, the healthy hair that comes from you.


  13. SMH Another idiot doing nothing more than making the rest of Christianity look bad.

  14. I don’t think this will matter on judgment day! Is it mentioned in the bible that women or men should not wear wigs or weaves? Let’s focus on what is important love, peace, and commitment to God! If this is about financial management then host workshops and address it! If the congregation is failing to pay their tithes then address it! Don’t blame it on the weaves, wigs, nails etc.

  15. I love what the pastor is saying and doing. It is his job to lead his congregation in the direction he believes is in its best interest. However anyone who disagrees may simply leave the congregation. But if anyone read it completely it wasn’t made a church rule but made known the head of the church frowns upon such a practice. It is funny how all of a sudden people pull out the extreme case of illness to get at his stance as if there are never any exceptions given for medical reasons.

    He stated he leads a congregation filled financially struggling members if some listen and save money then all the better.

    In terms of the aesthetics of weave if does present a false image of beauty to themselves and society at large. I love all of my sisters however I think less of women who wear weave . (For non medical reasons)

    Natural sisters will always be my standard of aesthetic beauty of black women.

    I wonder if there would be such a response if the pastor was a sister.

    Bottom line to each its own


    • If it were a sister the term “Natural Nazi” would be employed. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But the truly enlightened know compassion and empathy, and are able to look within and attempt to understand others.

    • I love how you worded this! I totally agree with every word you said! 2 Thumbs Up!
      I wish that every African Descent would take 10 mins and goggle ‘The Black Woman’s Heath Study.
      Understand that black woman are coming up with all kinds of cancers, more than any other race, research forehead cancer. This is a direct link from front lace wigs, the glue is a number one killer, it’s very toxic. For more information join us The Healthy Hair Project! Our Mission is to put hair back on one million woman and children’s heads.

      Being Beautiful Is Healthy! HHP…..

  16. This is stupid …. don’t limit it to hear then why not implants, contacts, botox, lip fillers, bra inserts, butt pads etc. Oh and also right black men don’t be wearing those texturizers and stuff that makes their hair curl or wave either. Uh huh.

    • hair* (not hear)

    • The Precious Pearl

      Thank you! Why is the focus of his address on hair? Is that in the gospel? Perhaps he needs to check Egyptian history? Likewise, explore, research, and investigate the history of wigs – it may raise his awareness. If this attack on women was intentionally manipulated for attention to his congregation; he might expect a drove of beautiful women to visit his congregation wearing wigs, weaves, and other extensions as long in length as available. Respectfully, women suffering with baldness from cancer treatment may, in the same way, be offended by his congregational request. He may be sued for his instructions to people earning a salary in his church? False eyelashes, dentures, chemicals covering grey hair, wide brim hats, costly designer shoes, suits, luxury vehicle, fake smiles, bogus spiritual character, and wolves in sheep’s clothing…another congregation instructed me not to wear any makeup, jewelry, and to read only from the King James version of the Bible. However, the women dressed as if they were going to pick cotton out of the cotton field, while the men were all dressed and attired in expensive designer suits. What happened to preaching the gospel? If he dislikes wigs, weaves, and extension, that is for his sacred wife. His individual preference beyond the Bible is and should be addressed only to his wife. Otherwise, discrimination is obviously clear.

  17. OK this is going a bit too far!

    When did a weave ever hurt someone, let alone cause them or someone else to backslide or stumble???? I don’t even wear weaves and wigs that much no more due to personal preferances. And that is what weaves, wigs etc are all about! Personal preferances. One may have alopecia, one may like to switch up and try a new style, one may want to try a different color without using chemicals, one may have thinning hair, due to female pattern baldness, another may have just come out of chemotherapy and feel less beautiful without her crown of glory! The possiblities are endless! Yet again it is all about personal preferance .PERSONAL preference!!!! Its NONE of our business what the next person chooses to do with their hair.


    For if a woman does not cover her head, she might as well have her hair cut off; but if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut off or her head shaved, then she should cover her head ~ 1 Corinthians 11:6

    I bet every last one of those women are running around that church (and many others), praying and prophesying WITH NO HEAD COVERING ON!

    Its OUT OF ORDER!!!

    That ^^^^^ is what this “pastor” should concern himself with!

    • Yep. Married Orthodox Jewish women wear wigs for just that reason — to COVER their own natural hair in modesty. Food for thought!

    • Thank you Hadassah for your response and I agree….it amazes me why we as African Americans continue to attack one another when those of us try to better ourselves. Is this the house niggar and yard niggar syndrome? The shackles have been taken of our bodies but, the shackles still enslave our minds…What difference does it make what a black women wears on her head. Does it really matter? Should not the mind should be cultivated, and why aren’t we training our children to respect one another instead of killing each other…..Don’t you see the trick of the enemy…He is to taking our focus off what really matters…We’re losing our community to violence and this conversation is about ” should Black Women wear weaves to church or not”….My White Pastor use to say if a barn needs painting then paint it…This too was about a woman adorning herself with make-up..Should she or shouldn’t she. We are losing our community to the devil and we’re arguing about nothing….Will the Church say AMEN!

  18. Okay, so I get the whole “who is he? To make this demand” feel/thought!
    However I think we are missing his point! When I read this coming from a Christian background as I am sure many are, with rules etc I understand how it reads … But this Pastor I feel has the sisters interest at heart. What this Pastor is talking about is getting you priorities straight. Look good but not to the detriment of everything else .i.e. your bills and them cry you have no money and need a loan to put food on your table. Yes as women presentation is important but we must be self aware and self assured also. Also he mainly advised he stated this to those in leadership, this Pastor must have personal enough relationship to know them and his congregation as to why this has come into play as an issue … Note he related it to low self esteem not vanity and low incomes. In a position of leadership in which other people are always watching you to promote behaviour of failing to prioritise your necessities yet preach you got it all together so follow me! Also I’m sure there are many things as women we do due to low self esteem, in his Church weave is one… Therefore he’s saying lets address that issue don’t cover it with weave. I would hope that if low self esteem and low income were not attached to people wearing weave this Pastor would have nothing to say about it, unless it was a dreadful looking weave and he said “sister here some money got get it done where sister ‘looking good’ got it done”

  19. The pastor was brought up by two strict Muslim parents in which weave wearing is forbidden/ haram. Past teachings possibly lingering, Ahamdulillah! I love the post that highlights that he should be requiring women to cover their head based on the WORD.

  20. If the members are focusing on the weave more so than the word than he must not be doing what he needs as the Pastor. So what is the outcome for shoes? Cause women Love heels is that what needs to go next? Get the heck out of here. I’m going to make it my business the next time I go to Waco to wear a DRANATIC WEAVE TO VISIT HIS church. I think maybe he need to become a Muslim again. Show me in the bible where weave is a sin and I’ll be the first to give it up.

  21. People are falling away from God, leaving the church, in need and hurting. People are willfully sinning without repentance, and I just heard that boys and girls in california (don’t know if it’s all parts of california or not) can use the other genders’ restroom in school if they identify themselves as that gender even though they were born the other gender. This preacher is wasting Gods’ time talking about women not wearing weaves when he could be actually witnessing to someone to bring them to Christ. I say that he should be ashamed of himself; for the mandate is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that is all he should be doing. He does not know how much that woman spent on her weave. He is speculating, wasting time on something that God is not even looking at. I say shame on him for getting precious time talking about a weave. For goodness sake, GO WITNESS TO A LOST SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  22. There are So many more Pressing Issues in The Black Community other than hair! Having said that Self Esteem has Nothing to do with weave! There are African American Woman with long kinky and long naturally straight hair whose Self Esteem is Extremely Low! Of course I would Never endorsed anyone who is Struggling financially to spend money on non essentials! The Pastors job is to Preach The Word Not to tell anyone how much money to spend on anything! Perhaps he’s upset that the offerings are down all while the hair is getting longer and longer (I’m Being Sarcastic right here) I have worn weave and my hair both permed and natural I look Great any way I choose to wear it..It didn’t say when it was permed I’m beautiful because this is what society says neither does it say I’m beautiful when its kinky! I’m Beautiful Inside Which makes me Beautiful outside no matter if hair is natural or permed! In the words of India Aria I AM NOT MY HAIR!!!

    • I agree with Rosalyn Johnson. India Arie said it best; “I am not my hair”. Does he take issue with women who dye their hair? This costs money, too if you want it done right professionally. Does he question his male congregants on the cost of their shoes or suits? Would he feel better if the women all wore hats like Celie did ni ” The Color Purple”? He needs to take his eyes off the hair and focus on the word of God.

  23. I’m not a big fan of weaves and fake hair. But I am a HUGE FAN OF FREEOM! From day to day I wear my (‘good) hair’ straight, permed/blown out, braided up…just whatever way I’m feeling that day. Not everybody’s got “good hair” that can be made to look presentable in a few minutes. And, more so not everybody can or want to spend 1-4+ hours a day dealing with hair issue. For some women, a wig/weave is the answer to so many hair-related questions. I say….Girl, do your thing – but see that your kids are fed and your bills are paid, first!. As for the pastor, to quote Billy Holliday, “If I decide to jump in an ocean, t’aint nobody’s bidness if I do.” Listen, Pastor it’s none of your bidness what the females wear on their heads in your church. Anymore than it’s your business what they do with whatever amount of money they have — UNLESS they are coming to you and your congregation begging for money to go out and buy a weave. I would not attend any church or follow any ‘pastor’ who presumes that the women of his church do not have the good sense to make their own decisions. Because, if you feel that way about their ability to make good choices…consider this: they made the choice to attend your church! Some would say they need their head examined for making that decision. Preach the Word, Pastor. Jesus said, “I will judge.” If you feed your congregation on the good news about their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I have no doubt they will one day chose to emulate him – who owned nothing, had no home or bed of his own – yet was generous in love. Maybe it would serve your low income congregation better for your church to sponsor a series of ‘Minding Yo Bizness” seminars to train them on how to live a more successful life…of course, Making & Managing A Household Budget could be among those lessons. You will do nothing but chase these folks away from your church if you keep up the bossy criticism. Any poor person wearing a $300 weave needs better skills…not criticism. Cmon Pastor, where’s the love. I bet you are wearing some kind of outfit that makes you look like a king….try wearing a regular clothes …that matches up with what your congregation puts in the collection plate. Ditto on your ride!

  24. Also makeup is fake, so no make up. Colored contacts, and he shouldn’t wear 300 suits the men should give up something as well. He has a child not paying child support but have a new truck or 200 suit. NO I won’t be quite about this. He should let God change the way people dress he job is their souls only!!!!!

  25. I’m a stylist and I turn white brunettes to blonde, straight hair to curly and I do weaves on nonblack women everyday. Nothing is ever said about that. Nonblack women spend thousands of dollars on tanning beds, breast implants, and butt implants. Nothing is said. But anything a black woman do, it’s mess. The bush is too nappy, the perm she’s trying to be white, weaves she have low self esteem. A woman should be able to wear what she wants. That’s discriminating to box a black woman in to only wear her natural hair only. I do natural hair also, it’s great for those who like it. Black on black hatred is a ongoing mind disease that keeps spreading since slavery days. Black men will find fault with black women for whatever she do. It’s a learned behavior, and a slave mentality. I bet that same preacher lust off of Kim kardasians’s fake butt and will leave his wife if the sun darkens her brown skin, and make his black wife work two jobs, take care of kids and the house, or leave her all together. Black men have messed up minds from slavery days.

    • I agree with everything you said accept your comments about the preacher. I do think the preacher should speak about poor women spending $300 on weave. We want more preachers to speak the truth and not just entertain us on Sunday:-)

  26. I don’t think the weave/fake hair look is becoming of my beautiful sisters. It is not attractive AT ALL. Be your best, beautiful self naturally. I also love the short hair or bald look. Shorter hair emphasizes the beauty of the face. Hair is only an accessory. Highly overrated. Finally, I fear what my sisters’ heads will look like after years of damage from weaves and wigs. I guess the bald look may have a chance then!

  27. A brother can’t relate
    to a sister who’se got her hair straight trying to tell me I’m a waste man
    and she’s down with the main man
    who can cast you with a wave of his hand
    ya nameless grain of sand looking to gain the mane of gravel
    on a road preferably travelled

    Now you’re getting played like acoustics
    you think you’re being aloof in popping a ruse but
    the truth is that the fool is fooling the fool
    and if the shoe fits ….
    your man will go
    off, lie with some-one he don’t know
    and not give two shits
    cause he dont really know you from a biscuit

    Ask your little girl what an afro is
    they have to look it up on google images
    and she will never know how her own hair grows
    Cause you poured acid on your birthright
    just to look that little bit white

    Who you trying to hide your brown self from
    cause your lover couldn’t tell you who you favour,
    Am I wrong ?
    The girl in the mirror couldn’t tell you what you look like
    and now your baby don’t know what SHE look like

    You coulda plait it , unplait it
    let it reach like a flower
    Angela Davies images are phenomenal fifty years after fighting the power
    Her hair in harmony with the grace of the sun
    Now you’re bleating , ’cause i’m worth it’
    instead of ‘Check me out. I’ve won’
    But hairstyle culture all but diminished
    in favour of appearing windswept , but looking brushed out and never finished
    Ain’t we cursed ?
    At best your hair is struggling to look its worst
    bombarded with dehydrated acids that are pungent
    If flacid meant full of life viagra would be redundant

    Maybe if western teachers hadn’t lied
    and said jesus was black, you’d have more pride instead of investing in wigs as glued as a theatre props
    Work for an unemployed stage hand or what !
    Now you can’t ever enjoy the rain, have your hair touched or swim in the sea
    although our folks ironically sang ‘one day WE’LL ALL be FREE’
    And you’re acting undercover , cant see won’t tell
    suppressing your fleece and with a belief you’ve done it well
    and they’ll tell you it looks swift, but time moves swiftly
    and your head’ll shine like mine by the time your fifty

    From the residual you’ve been indiviual, your own being,
    not an insecure lemming playing a caste of european
    We’ll always be bonded
    and I love you still
    but I can’t believe you do that to yourself outta free will

    • Can we have an equal poem for all the men who look at natural sisters like myself and ask us when we’re going to get our hair done “properly”? Or the ones who flaunt white women at us and tell these white women that “no black women can grow hair anyway”?

      The problem is all the focus on one gender. We are supposed to be working TOGETHER as a community, but we let outsiders divide us over trivial foolishness. We should be coming together to work on stopping the outrageous imprisonment of black men for crimes that whites get slapped on the wrist for, combating the privatized prison system which funnels men of all types into jail with judges that they pay off to do so, so that America imprisons more of its citizens than any other country in the industrialized world — or maybe we could go out and protest the gutting of our schools, or some of these voter suppression laws that are going to make life in the US take a distinct step backwards for anyone who isn’t a millionaire?

  28. What a dummy!…your a pastor not VIDAL SASSOON…stay in ya lane SHYTHEAD……

  29. As black people we do not understand, know, love or appreciate our hair. It does have a spiritual significance and is why Samson didn’t cut his hair. Our hair serves as antennae that give us a higher connection to the creator and other created things. The hair on my arms stand up seconds before my door bell or phone rings. There is a connection. Our society teaches us to hate our hair and ourselves because to be natural we be to give us, black people, greater power. The perm was a deliberate reaction to the afro in the sixties and seventies. Imagine if all black people had natural hair and were tapped into the creator (source) rather than chasing after some type of artificial, Eurocentric ideal of beauty.

  30. In my Bible, Jesus ministered to EVERYONE – regardless of what they had on their head, on their feet or what type of clothing they had on. I agree with the comments about the cost of his suits, gators, watches and his car. Men & Women spend money on all sorts of things which have nothing to do with Salvation. Unless everyone in that town is already Saved, Sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost…..then his focus might need to shift from WEAVES to the GOSPEL!




  32. Every time a pastor stands up and talks about real issues people have negative things to say. Hair weaves and false eyes and lashes do speak about low self esteem. I am woman who is beautiful inside and out and I care about my appearance and I agree more African American preachers need to talk about the issues that we as Christians are carrying around and how they affect our spiritual life. If we are more concerned with fitting in or looking like Barbie dolls but do not have spiritual maturity or wholeness there is a problem. I don’t believe this pastor is saying hair weave is of the devil, I believe he is speaking about being beautiful inside first. I wish more of my sisters would work on letting God work out their issues with believing they are beautiful and then I truly think we wouldn’t need quite as much weave. God Bless–from a Young, Beautiful, Fashionable, Black, Christian women…

    • Now that makes perfect sense!

    • A woman doesn’t have to have low self-esteem to desire a weave. The hair style she chooses will generally be because she looks good in it. Should all men have a bald-head, afro, box, curls are straight hair like Al Sharpton. Some men head will not look good bald. We need to judge a person’s heart rather than their appearance. Would low self-esteem be a greater sin than pride or arrogance?

  33. This minister is an example of what’s wrong with most black ministers. They are too tuned in to the exterior person and fail to minister to the interior persons in their church. He is really a total failure as a shepherd in his church and should resign his ministership.

  34. This is not a man called from God this is a man who paid for it bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggg difference!!!!!!

  35. what yall need to do is tell that pastor to shut-up!!!

  36. That’s a cult they condemn women for what they do with their hair. No scripture in “The Holy Bible” validate that pastor’s view.

  37. What I was thinking was…did this person come to the Church for financial assistance, which prompted this entire admonishment? If so, he is within his right to counsel with her privately and to address the congregation openly about their priorities in order to encourage them to get their lives in order. So let’s not be swift to cast judgment either way because we don’t know the backdrop to the story…I’m just saying.

  38. id take the stance that, rather than tell people what to do, he should be busy showing and revealing the truth and light that will allow his church members to appear and behave in a certain manner worthy of such truth and light. some call it self respect, others say christlike.. but you get the pic…

  39. I love the language ! Healthy Hair Project were saving lives and regrowing hair. We’re committed to replacing hair on one million woman & children’s head
    We know that being beautiful is healthy!

  40. The Precious Pearl

    I responded to one comments, but I walked into the living room discussing this with my son just maybe I need to know more about the facts. Wigs, weaves, and hair extensions were addressed, but hair color/tints, sinful acts, false teeth, and other things not natural. Likewise, homes, estates, mansions, apartments, organic foods, and shopping are factors, that many people acquire, and purchase not being able or in the financial position to afford. Many people make financial sacrifices, while living in a deficit and deficient temporary moment. Surely, he may be invited to talk shows, morning shows, and other interviews. Who knows Hollywood may produce a movie surrounding this delusional dilemma. Furthermore, I enjoy taking care of my natural hair, but there are beautiful natural-looking wigs to wear when it’s raining or having a bad hair day with a scheduled business meeting or production event.

    Of course being natural is awesome, and enjoying the privilege of a wig, weave, and hair extensions absent from harmful chemical is also wonderful. Try being poisoned at church and all your hair falls out! It will make you cry. As a woman, I take care of my own hair, which is being nourished back to health after the poisoning. I may visit this church with hopes of understanding the article. By the way, my budget is tight, but I prefer natural lemongrass soap, mango, and citrus from the Whole Food store where I shop for groceries. They each cost nearly $6 a bar, so I save, wait for the sale, and avoid leaving my natural soap in the bath water and or over using in the shower. It makes me ill when I use commercial soaps loaded with chemicals. Therefore, I believe God to increase my wealth accordingly.

    Many gentlemen prefer women who take care and wear their natural hair. Likewise, many gentlemen don’t care as long as she handles her extra hair essentials with a caliber style, and it does not smell like a dirty wig. Truthfully, I try not to comments on articles because often there’s a hidden agenda to collect opinions from the public – checking reactions. In additional, I find this article difficult as serious. I don’t know what to think until I know all the facts.

  41. The Precious Pearl

    By the way, the only news about this so called pastor is the weave, wigs, and extensions. Is his church an on-line church, and no church at all. If you research the church name online you will only see news about the weaves…something is wrong with this picture. It must be a joke.

  42. My guess is he prefers to see the haircare money go into his collection plate.

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