Wedgwood inspires church safety seminar in DFW

by Hannah Davis, WFAA

On Saturday leaders from local churches met at Cedar Valley College for a sold out all day seminar on church safety. The course material ranged from domestic violence in the congregation to active shooter threats on DFW’s houses of worship.
CVC’s Chief of Police Anthony Williams helped create the course.  He said he was inspired to do so after his experience as a first responder at the 1999 Wedgwood Baptist shooting in Fort Worth where 7 people were killed.

“There is this ‘why’ question and I wanted to help solve that as a law enforcement officer on the prevention side,” Williams said.

So Williams gathered scholars and safety experts to create the educational program which will celebrate it’s one year anniversary in February.

“The waiting list is at least a couple of months the response has been so supportive,” Williams said.

Keeping with Cedar Valley’s goal of providing affordable education the class costs $35.

Safety experts and instructors said they will go to churches, mosques, and temples to do on-site safety assessments. Dr. Michael Sneed attended Saturday’s class.  The DeSoto Senior Pastor said threats have become a reality in all areas of life and he considers it church leaders’ responsibility to do whatever they can to create the safest atmosphere possible.

“What we say in class is ‘if it’s foreseeable it’s preventable,” Sneed said.

Church leaders work in small groups to go over possible real life threats then present their “safety plans” to the class and instructors.

“I want them to really look deep to see what they can do better,” Williams said.

Williams said the classes will continue based on demand. If you are interested in receiving information on a future training date, you can contact Chief Williams at or call 972-860-8286.



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