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Dr. Jasmin Sculark’s Journey to MegaFest

By Eyana Adah McMillan, yorkdispatch
Dr. Jasmin Sculark

Dr. Jasmin Sculark

Eighteen years ago, the Rev. Jasmin Sculark applied to be a youth pastor at the now 30,000-member Potter’s House church in Dallas, Texas.

She did not get the job. She now serves as the pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church, which has two locations in York City.

However, in February, Potter’s House pastor, world-renowned preacher Bishop T.D. Jakes, had her speak there.

He brought her back to speak several months later.

Then Jakes — named the “Best Preacher in America” in 2001 by Times Magazine — invited her to be one of the main speakers at his church’s MegaFest event to be held from Thursday to Saturday.

The annual family festival draws more than 50,000 people from around the world and has programs specifically geared toward women, men, children and youth, according to the church’s website at

“It’s a great opportunity, exciting,” Sculark said. “I didn’t look for it, and I didn’t expect it. Every door that

has been opened for me (to minister), it’s God who did it.”

Her message: Sculark said that she is scheduled to preach on Friday to more than 25,000 women at the MegaFest’s “Woman Thou Art Loosed” program at the American Airlines Center.

“My message is going to be an encouragement for them to walk in their God-given destiny and purpose,” she said. “My goal has always been to empower, equip and enlighten women on their uniqueness and unique gifts.”

MegaFest will start off with Jakes and Oprah Winfrey taping two shows for Winfrey’s Life Class series, featured on her OWN television channel.

MegaFest includes a Women of Purpose concert, featuring award-winning gospel artists such as sister duo Mary Mary, as well as entertainers, including Jennifer Hudson, an Oscar and Grammy award winner, according to the event’s website at

To help promote MegaFest, Sculark and several other scheduled participants were recently interviewed by Jakes on Trinity Broadcasting Network, a Christian television network.

Sculark said she is excited to meet the other MegaFest speakers, including Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International, based in College Park, Georgia, and Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

Like Jakes, both pastors have Christian television broadcasts and more then 30,000 church members.

“My hope is to connect with some greater voices in (God’s) kingdom that are doing unbelievable work, so that I can glean from them and bring back what I’ve learned to York,” Sculark said. “They know how to do ministry on a whole other galaxy.”

More than 70 people from her congregation and other churches in York are going with her to MegaFest, Sculark said.

The pastor’s churches are located at 629 S. Pershing Ave. and 740 W. Locust St. Sculark is the author of “Dancing with Broken Bones,” that shows readers how to overcome life’s challenges.

Sculark said this is her first time attending MegaFest, but she is ready for the experience.

“I’ve been pastoring for over 10 years, been in ministry over 20 years,” she said. “This opportunity just didn’t happen overnight. There was also preparation involved and I’m grateful to the Lord for that.”



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